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CNY Edition Fragrant Shallot Dry Noodle Package 。春暖花开 葱油捞面礼包 。

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。满满 葱油捞面 6份
。春暖花开 葱油捞面 特别版
。现已增加 绿意盎然 - 绿色版

(只限 CNY 2021 数量有限 售完为止)

满满 - 葱油捞面

无添加 非油炸
面条弹牙 爽口
葱油酱 香醇鲜美

滚水入面 烹煮6-7分钟

可自行添加 蔬菜 或 鸡蛋

分量:120g x 6包

儲存期限:室溫1個月 冷藏3個月

(注意:任何面类的产品将会在每周一和周四寄货 因为我们是收到订单才开始制作的 务必让客人品尝到最新鲜的 ) 

- Moon Moon Fragrant Shallot Dry Noodle 6x
- CNY Edition Peony Blossoming Packaging
- Now added Auspicious Green edition.

(Only available for CNY 2021, limited quantity only, while stock lasts.)

Fragrant Shallot Dry Noodle
Exclusively made of premium soy sauce, fresh shallot and scallions.
Purely air-dried noodle brings you a springy texture
No additives, non fried, no bleach, no preservatives

Add noodle in boiling water to cook for 6-7mins
Add condiments and dig in!

Add vegetables or eggs based on own preference

120g x 6 packets

Lifespan: normal room temperature 1 month, fridge chiller 3 months 

(P/S: Please take note that all noodle items will be shipped on Monday and Thursday only, we only make them when the order comes in, we aim to serve you the freshest as possible.)

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