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Premium Chinese Mixed Mushroom Soup Pack - 顶级养生菌菇汤包

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顶级养生菌菇汤包 【4人份】

我们选用顶级野生菌特调配方制作煲汤汤包, 一包帮你搞定一煲美味野菌汤。
炒作简单 食用美味 适合繁忙的您

野生菌菇含有多种营养物质 口高鲜美
本店只选用无熏硫菇类 无添加 食用更加安心

注:菇类随季后搭配 图片纯属构图 以实物为准

Premium chinese mushroom soup pack [ for 4 pax]
1 box consists of 2 packets

we select premium dried wild mushroom to compose a secret recipe soup pack for you,
it is a perfect and easy soup pack for your hustling days to comfort the exhausted souls.

No colouring, no additives, no additional flavouring
perfectly safe for consuming

p/s: mushroom setting is solely depends on seasonal availability for perfect flavour.
image is for illustration purpose only.


【素食 + 一份红萝卜】

1. 取出一份菌汤包, 清水清洗

2. 用850ml饮用水 浸泡菇类15分钟

3. 用1000ml (1公升)饮用水先煲红萝卜,红黑枣,枸杞,腰豆和玉竹 15分钟

4. 加入浸泡好的菇类(连泡菇水),待汤煮沸5分钟, 转小火煲25分钟

5. 起锅前 加少许盐调味即可

(注:各家炉头灶火不同 可自行斟酌水量哦~)

Cooking instruction:

for vegetarian, add 1pc carrot
1. rinse all ingredients with clean water
2. soak all mushrooms in 850ml drinking water for 15 minutes.
3. boil 1000ml (1litre) water with cashew nuts, red and black dates, wolfberries, solomonseal rhizome and carrots for 15 minutes.
4. add in mushrooms (together with soaking water) and boil for 5 mins, turn the heat down to low and simmer for 25 mins. 
5. add salt for flavour.

(P/S: Stove power / fire might differ due to brands, kindly adjust water level if necessary)

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