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Joyous Treasure Gift Box 。满满 欢天喜地礼盒 。

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。满满 葱油捞面 2份
。鲜香风干螺片 2片
。顶级XL新疆大红枣 100克
。脆口冻干菠萝蜜 50克
。入口即化花生年饼 250克
。传统团圆本地腊肠 2双
。特级风干花菇 70克
。甜蜜蜜金沙巧克力 T16

 只限 CNY 2021 数量有限 售完为止

注:所有新春礼盒发货日为 30/01/2021 - 10/02/2021;巴生谷范围内将由本公司员工亲自配送,以确保礼盒完整无缺送达客户手上;巴生谷以外地区则以快递邮寄模式发货。

- Moon Moon Fragrant Shallot Dry Noodle 2x
- Dried Sliced Whelk 2pcs
- Xinjiang XL Premium Red Dates 100g
- Crunchy Freeze Dried Jack Fruit Snack 50g
- Traditional Handmade Peanut Cookie 250g
- Traditional CNY Chinese Sausage 2 pairs
- Dried Chinese Mushroom 70g
- Ferrero Rocher Chocolate T16

Only available for CNY 2021, limited quantity only, while stock lasts.

Remark: All CNY gift boxes will be sent from 30/01/2021 - 10/02/2021; Klang Valley area's orders will be delivered by our in-house transportation to ensure item is in good condition; while the rest of the area will be covered by partner express courier service. 

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